The charm of Casa Covre creations lies in their being works of art. The creativity in their design, the sophisticated craftsmanship required to produce them, and the functionality that distinguishes them create a mysterious and precious blend of qualities, making them timeless, everlasting pieces.

The history of leather has been a focal point of Casa Covre history since 1980 when their first upholstery workshop was established. To this day, it is one of the few workshops present in Italy. This material’s weave is unique, and its workmanship is highly artisanal and manual. Every piece has its own story.

Leather processing has remained almost unvaried over the centuries, as have its techniques, tools, and knowledge of it. To this day, there are few machines involved in processing. Much of it requires skilled craftsmanship and even manual processing. Therefore, tradition is the foundation of all their work: experience makes for skillful hands and sets the stage for appropriate decision-making.

Today, through its very own collection, Casa Covre illustrates its unique idea of designer furniture. Their products showcase the topicality of leather in terms of performance in different conditions of use, the innate beauty of its surfaces, its resistance to different kinds of stress, its intense expressiveness when combined with other materials, and, finally, its top quality: durability.

Casa Covre

Address: Via Galileo Galilei, 71
Town/City: 20831 – Seregno MB
Telephone: +39 0362 289257
Fax: +39 031 768803